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John Bowers


by John Bowers

John Bowers
5-channel audio
3-dynamic visualisations, 2 video loops

An original inspiration for the Sound Spaces (Liverpool) project, was my proposal to explore the city’s ‘sound lines’ (“one part song-line, one part ley line”) – imagined sonic ley lines between different locations, and how they might create virtual connections between seemingly disparate places. During the course of the August SoundLines workshop, I devoted much attention to making a piece that embodied a ‘sound line’. The sonic component of this piece involved cross-fading between recordings made at one site in the city to recordings made at another. As the cross-fade took place the recordings were transformed by algorithms coded in Pure Data into more noisy, drone-like, pulsing or crackling forms of themselves. In this way, as the piece unfolded the listener was ‘transported’ between locations and in and out of more sonically abstracted forms. In this creative conceit, these more abstracted forms were imaginings of the hidden ‘sound lines’ connecting the two locations. A visual projection showed the relative locations of the sites, the lines connecting them, and the current position of the cross-fade against a background created by collaging historical maps of the city. For the public exhibition, I further developed the piece to work over a multi-channel loudspeaker system and five HD monitors.

Sound Lines by John Bowers