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Tim Shaw

GPS Traces

by Tim Shaw

Tim Shaw
Single-channel audio
Custom build software
GPS tracker

During the Sound Spaces (Liverpool) project, as well as recording audio and visual material from our field visits, I collected GPS data using the iPhone application ‘Track’. Taking inspiration from the self-archivist Jacek Smolicki each day was ‘tracked’ and at the end of the day these traces were distilled into minimal lines, keeping only positioning data and ridding it of all other metadata. Each day was shown as a different image and simply presented as a black line on a white background. An ANS style synthesiser was built in Pure Data and used as a way of generating sound from the images. In this construction each pixel line related to a different oscillator. The gain of each oscillator was controlled by the grey value of each pixel. The image was scanned vertically and then changed to another day’s image at random.